Scientific knowledge

Aims of the section

The section started by looking into two interlinked areas of study

  • the impact of air traffic and launches on the atmosphere and the climate,
  • the impact of physico-chemical changes in the atmosphere on the design of aircraft and space vehicles. 

The COSEFA committee, set up to look into the first area, comprised three Academy members and three members of the Académie des sciences. Section I organised a colloquium on the question in 1993 and reports were published in 1997.

The section’s studies also include the use of space for scientific purposes and its members participate in the CNES scientific programme committee and ESA groups of experts.

More recently, Academy collaborated with the Bureau des Longitudes and the Académie de Marine on a detailed study of the Galileo project.


Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace

Air and Space Academy

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