Ethics, law, sociology and economy

Aims of the section

Section IV is currently considering the draft European regulation on post-accident investigations.

Section IV is also working on the potential liability of space systems operators in general, with a special attention for those who contribute to navigation services.

Wide-audience events are regularly organized under the initiative, and with the active contribution, of Section IV and its members.
Recent examples are the symposium on "Air traffic and meteorology" (9-10th November 2010 in Toulouse), and past one on "Airports and their Challenges" (7-8th October 2009 at DGAC in Paris).

Section IV had previously worked on various topics, such as the development of low-cost airlines, issues relating to the transportation of disabled persons, the evolution of penal liability practices following aircraft accidents, as well as the legal status of the International Space Station.
Section IV has also investigated ways to develop a safety rating system applying to airlines.

At a general level, Section IV contributes to activities with are conducted within the Académie at other Section's and in the frame of special Commissions.
As such, Section IV follows all topics relating to aviation safety.

Section IV is in charge of assessing candidates for the "Law and economy of Air and Space Transport" prize awarded by the Académie every second year.

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