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Aims of the forum

The aviation sector is one of the success stories of European industry. This highly successful, rapidly expanding sector owes its achievements to the quality of its engineers, technicians and skilled workers. 50% of them however are due to retire in the next ten years. Lengthening order books have led to a pressing need for recruitment and yet companies in France cannot find the necessary workforce, despite a high level of unemployment. The problem is the lack of appeal of this industry to young people! In order for these high-end products to be competitive it is essential to master the entire design, development, production and support chain. This one-day conference focuses primarily on production and maintenance jobs, and more specifically technicians and operators.

Our goal is to examine the reasons behind this lack of appeal, particularly in France, in the light of the experiences of our European partners, and also to highlight training shortcomings noted by companies, with the aim of putting forward guidelines for improving the situation. The conference is addressed at a wide range of stakeholders: businesses of all sizes, education authorities and training organisations, national and regional policymakers, social partners, parents, etc. The media will have a crucial role to play in the project.


All presentations and discussions will be in French.


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